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Transforming intelligence into technology

Watch the video presentation of this amazing pricing tool, based on artificial intelligence, which was created and developed by Profit+ to revolutionize the retail pricing process.

Discover a new way of pricing

Pricepoint was designed to transform an archaic pricing process into a modern and intelligent working method, known as pricing intelligence.

Pricing software can be found in other countries. In recent years, some Brazilian companies have begun to create and release similar types of programs in an attempt to satisfy this need, but without any success. What they lack is the practical retail experience needed!

Pricepoint was developed using more than 25 years of retail expertise, with each code written under the supervision of those who really understand pricing.

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Fast, advanced, and easy to use

In addition to being complete, Pricepoint does not require any installation. Its data is entirely cloud-based, thus providing the user with fast and dynamic access to information.

It was designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, making data comprehension and price analysis super easy and even enjoyable.

Advantages that no other software offers

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Price management

Complete price management and intelligent suggestions based on the seven pricing steps.

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Analysis module (BI)

Complete and simplified view of assortment, opportunities, item elasticity, sales and margins by price type, and tactical and strategic negotiation panels with suppliers.

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Secure integration with any ERP system, through APIs, and connection between databases or file exchange via SFTP.

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Research management

Planning, execution, integration, and analysis of price research combined with pricing intelligence.

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Special prices

(coming soon)

Management of internal offers with a workflow between departments and stores for better control and execution of price changes for products about to expire, excess inventory, and internal actions negotiated with suppliers.

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Promotions management

(coming soon)

Promotional campaigns, specifying products, prices, targets, and financial projections.

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(coming soon)

Intelligent price management for seasonal products, discontinued products, and opportunities, to reduce inventory and optimize margins intelligently.

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Negotiations and contracts

(coming soon)

Management of annual and specific contracts, the input of agreements/funds negotiated with suppliers, financial control by category with an allocation of funds from suppliers to product levels.