Profit+ offers a complete solution to implementing, expanding, or improving pricing intelligence in your company!

Consulting and training

Whether your company is just starting to use pricing intelligence or not, our team of expert consultants will always be ready to assist with the entire implementation or revision process, from establishing strategic parameters to training your personnel in implementing our concepts and methodology.

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Research and auditing for sales in-store, online, and by phone

Receive up-to-date information regarding specific types of research performed on your competitors, from our team in the field, online search engines, or by telephone (mystery shopper).

All of our data collection methods are secure and managed by analysts who guarantee the quality of the information and images collected with the aid of analysis systems.

Find out more about our data collection methods by talking to a consultant.

Pricepoint — pricing software

We developed Pricepoint! The most complete and modern software for retail pricing intelligence, with features based on concepts, parameters, and rules all tested in the field.

You can count on complete management of prices and promotional campaigns, based on well-defined strategies, integrated with internal and market data, and artificial intelligence, which will guarantee your business greater competitiveness, profitability, and negotiation power.

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